Website Concepts and Example Text

Older ideas and ideas that are in progress. Some good copy and text here possibly.

Concept Single Page Website OBIT NFT Registry (for ITAD) “QUICK FACTS”

  • a single-page “quick facts” explainer. text and links only.
  • June 2021

Concept Multi-Page Website OBIT NFT Registry (for ITAD)

  • same explainer as above but laid out in multi-pages with more explainer. text only.
  • June 2021

Concept Single Webpage: OBADA Exec Summary

  • overall one-page explainer. text only.

Old Squarespace Sites

  • Sites exported from Squarespace circa 2019/2020

OBADA Foundation Homepage (concept)

  • An older concept for the non-profit.

ITAD “How it works” Demo Site

USN Tool Website

USN Tool Site 1

  • The “where’s george” concept site, a free tool to track your assets by serial number

USN Tool Site 2

  • Another version of the above

USN Tool Site 3

  • Another version of the above.

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