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The ITAD Blockchain

An open, online registry of electronics devices,
stored on the blockchain.

The Open Blockchain for Asset Disposition Alliance

OBADA is an open, nonprofit NGO, run by industry stakeholders. creating a standard method for interacting with the recycling industry over the blockchain.

OBS (OBADA Blockchain Services) furthers the mission of OBADA by developing the ecosystem and by providing an open-source reference design for  all participants.

Read more about our open, nonprofit blockchain at www.obada.io.


OBADA is.. not a company, and not a service.

It’s an open Web 3.0 method for storing provable data on the blockchain. Any one can use it.

Connect your Data and Track your Devices across the Recycling World


Dispose of IT Assets

Register your devices.   Order end-of-life services.  The blockchain will provide proof when the service is performed.   Trust the recycling process.

ITADs, Recyclers, Refurbishers

Connect to the open network.  Receive blockchain work ordersSave in administrative costs. Provide cryptographic proof of your services.  Create trust in recycling.

ITAD Software & Service Providers

Connect your software with standard APIs. Get paid for your services by any other connected organization. Provide an OBADA Gateway to help run the decentralized network.

How to track your assets


Step 1: Establish your Identity

All actors must identify themselves to an OBADA “Registered Agent” (RA) who supplies “Identity Seals”. These seals are a “digital ownership label” which is attached to your digital device twin. The seal keeps you anonymous, but the Registered Agent you choose can identify you in the event of a problem. read more…

Get an Identity Seal

Using OBS as your Registered Agent

  • free 


With any other OBADA Registered Agent

  • ASCDI, OBS, TechBroker, Tradeloop, USOdy

  • prices set by service provider

Membership Organization?

If your organization provide a membership service in the recycling industry.

Become an OBADA Registered Agent

  • Become a trusted authority

  • Help connect your membership to the blockchain.

How Identity Seals Work

The OBADA network is fundamentally anonymous, decentralized, with no “master list” of users. But complete anonymity is undesirable in the event of a problem, such as a dispute in ownership, a customs/border issue, or some other legal or contractual issue. So the OBADA network is based around trust anchors known as “OBADA Registered Agents” (RAs).   

RAs are known industry organizations, approved by OBADA governance, that maintain established membership policies for verifying identity and maintaining contact information.  Organizations such as:

  • Trade Associations

  • Trading Networks

  • Other membership organizations, both for-profit and non-profit.

Once the RA has verified your identity, they will provide you with Identity Seals for your devices.   

  • A single Identity Seal can be used for all your devices

  • For additional privacy, a different seal can be generated for each device.

  • For even more privacy, you can generate multiple seals from different RAs

  • Fees for generating Identity Seals are individually set by each Registered Agent.


Step 2: Purchase System Credits

Credits act as a system-wide payment mechanism, to pay the organizations that run the blockchain and that provide end-of-life device services.  Credits are decentralized, yours to keep, spend or sell. Credits are interoperable with any OBADA-compliant service.

Buy/Sell Credits

Buy Credits from OBS 

  • $1.00 USD each

  • Price set by OBADA Governance.

Buy Credits from any OBADA authorized Credit Broker

  • ASCDI, TechBroker, TechReuse, Tradeloop, USOdy

  • $1.00 USD each

  • Sell price set by OBADA Governance

Sell Credits back

  • to OBS or to any authorized Credit Broker

  • OBADA Buy price: $0.85 USD each

  • Buy price set by OBADA Governance

Buy/Sell Credits on your own

  • with anyone who has an OBADA Identity Seal.

  • determined your own price


Does your organization provide recycling services?

Become an OBADA Credit Broker
Credit Brokers receive a 10% commission on all new credit sales.


Step 3: Register your Devices as “OBITS”

OBADA calls the digital twin of your device an “OBIT”.   The OBIT is a “Carfax” of sorts, creating a permanent, tamper-proof record, which tells the story of any electronics device. It’s like an obituary for your laptop.

The OBIT ID is a universally unique, immutable identifier, used across the OBADA network, which works for any electronics device. It’s basically an encrypted version (a standard SHA-256 hash, technically) of the serial number and other easily obtainable information, commonly used by ITADs today to uniquely identify devices today. An OBIT more generally for any physical asset with a serial number.

Create OBITs from your Physical Devices

Using OBS

  • Single device - online form - - free

  • Upload a CSV file (.001 credits per device)

Using any OBADA compliant software 

  • ASCDI, TechBroker, TechSpec, Tradeloop, USOdy

  • Prices set by service providers

  • You set the fees for the services you provide.

Does your organization provide software for ITADs?

Connect it to an OBADA Gateway
Using simple APIs


Run your own OBADA Gateway
Get paid to help run the network.


Step 4: Create “Work Orders” for ITAD Services

A work order creates an immutable provable request for a device service to be rendered.  Work orders can be processed by any ITAD or equivalent business on the OBADA network, at the current or any future time.  Payment for work orders is deposited on the OBIT with credits, which can only be removed with cryptographic proof that the service has been rendered.

Create Work Orders

Using OBS

ITAD Services available

  • Device Pickup

  • Proof of Functionality Report

  • Drive Wipe 

  • Proof of Disposition

  • OBS Recommended Deposit*:  1 credit for each order

Using any OBADA compliant service provider

  • ASCDI, TechBroker, TechSpec, Tradeloop, USOdy

  • fees set by service provider

* 1 credit is an estimate good for most situations.  The actual cost may vary depending on the service provider used.   Additional funds can be added to prevent an additional charges at the time of service. Unused credits will be automatically returned by the system as “change”.


Does your organization offer ITAD services?

Sell End-of-Life Services on the Blockchain

By connecting through an OBADA Gateway

ASCDI, OBS, TechBroker, Tradeloop, USOdy


by running an OBADA Gateway

And getting paid to help run the network. 

Benefits to offering services over the blockchain

For ITAD’s, recyclers refurbishers, or any company providing  end-of-life services.

  • provably request work and automatically pay other service providers, upon completion of work.

  • get paid to process work orders from other organizations.

  • automate operations by up to 30%.

  • create trust by storing cryptographic proof of all work done.