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The OBADA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit coalition in the IT asset disposition (ITAD) sector. We serve as stewards for the OBADA Standard and work in collaboration with ISO to develop open protocols for data models in the ITAD industry. Our foundation focuses on real-world solutions in legal, financial, and industry-specific contexts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and maintain an open-source blockchain protocol to enable tracking and documentation of IT assets across their lifecycle. This effort is led by our members, key players in the electronics recycling industry, to foster a sustainable and responsible digital economy.


We aim to empower stakeholders in the information technology supply chain to:

  • Safeguard ownership of IT assets.
  • Track IT assets from creation to end-of-life.
  • Control data sharing about their assets.
  • Promote recycling and the circular economy.

OBADA’s Work

  • Building a blockchain protocol for the IT asset supply chain.
  • Providing proof of work on electronic devices.
  • Enabling device provenance to combat counterfeits.
  • Facilitating IT asset data sharing across the supply chain.

Value Proposition

We create an ecosystem and token economy to:

  • Validate ownership and prevent counterfeiting.
  • Verify functionality and quality of IT assets.
  • Record immutable asset history.
  • Facilitate secure economic transactions within the industry.


  • OEMs, software companies, and blockchain firms.
  • Marketplaces, resellers, and recyclers.


Our operations are funded through:

  • Blockchain protocol development and maintenance.
  • Education and outreach programs.
  • Operational expenses including staffing and office needs.


OBADA aims to:

  • Develop a global transaction network and open-source protocol.
  • Provide tools and services for the OBADA network.
  • Set the direction for the OBADA ecosystem.
  • Promote OBADA as a global standard.
  • Foster partnerships for digital inclusion and sustainability.

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