ASCDI | Joe Marion, President | United States

We are a worldwide not for profit trade association of companies that buy, sell, service, lease and provide ITAD services on IT and communications equipment dealing. The ASCDI embraces a world focused on the putting used technology back into productive use in an environmentally sound manner while protecting our customer’s data.

Big Data Supply Inc. | Brian Musil, President/CEO | United States

Big Data Supply, Inc.; an R2 and RIOS certified ITAD company established to meet the ever-evolving life cycle management of data centers and corporations worldwide. Our core business is acquiring data storage equipment and peripherals such as Tape Storage; data tape media, tape drives, tape libraries. Computer Hardware; servers, disk array and Network Hardware. BDSI also has a solar division (www.solarrecycling.com) that decommissions solar panels for reuse. Currently trading IT and Solar assets in over 80 countries.

CELX Advisory | Guennael Delorme | United States

CE/LX (pronounce ‘Sea-Lex’, for “Consumer Electronics / Life Extension”). We partner with players in the secondary phone and consumer electronics markets to develop profitable circular economy capabilities and scale growth.

Digital R-E-D | Al Lainio, CEO | United States

We enable organizations transparent digital sustainability by aligning technology and recycling in an innovative and relevant way so positive and impactful changes continue to show growth. We recognize the importance of accurate and complete data of your IT assets to ensure stakeholder visibility into sustainable and secure best practices.

DMD Systems Recovery, Inc. | Aaron Zepper, CEO | United States

DMD provides ITAD solutions adhering to the most rigorous environmental and security standards to deliver confidence for companies who value our world and their reputation. DMD works with hundreds of companies and public entities to securely destroy their data, decommission assets, and redeploy or remarket the equipment across IT categories including Data Center, End User Compute, and Mobility.

Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations | Bobbie Suhr | United States

Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations is a full-service electronics and materials lifecycle management corporation specializing in IT asset disposition, data security, remarketing and resale, electronics recycling, legislative compliance, product refurbishment, materials recovery, and logistics. We create customized, worldwide service packages designed to safeguard our customers’ sensitive data and protect the environment from e-waste and other pollutants.

E-Reuse Services Inc. | Sarah Kim, Founder | United States

E-Reuse Services provides consulting and collaboration services to electronics repair, recycling and refurbishing industries and hosts the annual Electronics Reuse Conference (ERC). In January 2018, ERS launched the E-Reuse Network, a new collaboration forum to better connect device cell phone repair businesses, electronics recyclers, Refurbishers, and ITADs with the vendors that supply them with the tools and services they need to run their businesses.

Eagle Advisors, LLC | Seve Romo | United States

Eagle Advisors, LLC (Eagle) specializes in investing in large-scale ventures with new and or existing technology. We focus our investments principally on projects revolving around food, water, energy, minerals, renewables and artificial intelligence.

Electrorecycle, Inc. dba Avritek | Edward Pletner, Founder & CEO | United States

Since 2004 Avritek has been a leader in our industry because of our unwavering commitment to data security, ability to provide a high return on technology assets, and outstanding customer service. We service a wide variety of clients from industries such as Law, Finance, Biotech, Healthcare, Technology, Government, Manufacturers, as well as office environments of all sizes.

Evercycle | Nate Poynter, Founder & CEO | United States

Evercycle is a scalable B2B SaaS platform enabling organizations to automate IT circularity services for corporate liable devices such as phones, tablets, and computers wherever they may be deployed. With vetted integrated service providers from which users can filter and receive instant pricing, organizations can configure intuitive automation workflows, track progress, and report results enabling organizations with hands-off, compliant, and sustainable IT hardware programs.

First Class Networks | United States

First Class Networks provides local businesses with customized and affordable IT support and cyber security solutions in a professional and accessible manner.

Good Point Recycling | Robin Ingenthron | United States

Good Point Recycling is a nationally-recognized electronics recycling company and a respected expert in “Fair Trade Recycling.” We are one of the region’s leading “e-waste” recycling operations, based in Middlebury, Vermont.

Greentec | Tony Perrotta | Canada

Technology lifecycle solutions to protect your business and our environment. We ensure the electronics are traced from pickup to final destination. Our experts manage each and every step of the process, from beginning to end, so we can tell you exactly where all materials end up. We also guarantee that we comply with information security and environmental regulations.

iFixit | Kyle Wiens | United States

We help thousands of people repair their devices every day. And every time you fix something, you help the planet by keeping e-waste from entering the landfill.

JT Environmental | Jason Teliszczak, CEO | United States

JT Environmental Consulting assists businesses and non-for-profit organizations in gaining certification to a number of standards through consultation in; internal audits, system implementation, document control, training, system updates, among others. Let our certified professionals assist your organization in earning certification for several standards (in this realm, R2, e-Stewards, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, NAID AAA, etc.)

LedMax Electronics | Marian Toma, Founder | Romania

LedMax has grown into a leading distributor of refurbished IT equipment. From our headquarters in Romania, we operate with all our employees in 10,000 sqm of industrial warehousing. With a strong reputation for honesty, integrity, and ease of doing business, we are a well-respected member of the global computer broker market. Dealing with IT refurbished, used computers and wholesale distribution of desktop computers, we process more than 70,000 systems every month through a variety of trade and wholesale channels.

Network Commerce International | United States

Network Commerce International is an online marketplace for technology resellers specializing in Computer and Telecom Equipment.

PhoenixRM Ltd | Martin Reddy | Ireland

PhoenixRM Ltd, based in Ireland, is a pioneering company at the forefront of sustainable technology management, specializing in Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling, IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), and Green IT solutions. With a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation, PhoenixRM Ltd is dedicated to reshaping the landscape of electronic waste management while promoting a circular economy.

Quantum Lifcycle Partners LP | Gary Diamond | Canada

Quantum Lifecycle is both an IT asset disposition (ITAD) company and an end-of-life electronics recycler. Through this strategic pairing of services, we cover every step of the IT disposition process, from data destruction to refurbishment, resale and recycling.

Renew IT Group PTY Ltd | Ethan Lancaster, Head of Operations & ESG | New Zealand

Renew IT has become the trusted name in IT asset managed services in Australia and New Zealand. Our Outstanding growth has been down to our amazing team and our ever growing list of clients who are as passionate about the environment and their employees as we are and creating a Carbon Zero workplace. With 300+ Staff and field service technicians, over 183,000 Sq feet (17,000 Sq metres) of R2 Accredited warehousing in Australia and New Zealand, and building dedicated Microfactories™ upcycling e-waste plastics and rare precious earths in our own facilities, Renew IT is the market leader in the Southern Hemisphere

Rhapsody Ventures | Vincent Lui | United States

20+ years senior executive, deep tech investor and advisor - From early stage startup to Fortune 500 operations to deep tech VC / CVC investing. Passionate about accelerating commercialization and adoption of carbon negative and adaptation technologies, circular economy and sustainability solutions to combat climate change.

RSR Partners LLC dba Regency Technologies | Jim Levine, President | United States

Regency Technologies was founded 1998 and has grown to encompass eight facilities and more than 800 employees nationwide. Regency currently processes over 150 million lbs. of recyclable material and more than 3 million assets annually. Regency maintains certification to the e-Stewards, NAID, RIOS, and ISO 14001:2015 standards at all of our locations.

Taber Group LLC dba Mender | Kent Taggart, CEO | United States

Mender, an IT asset disposition company on a mission to solve problems and save the planet (no biggie). Mender is here to offer a better way forward for our planet and our clients by providing custom-tailored ITAD solutions. Mender’s mission is to offset the demand for mining growth and mend the relationship between corporations and the natural world by promoting a circular economy. By helping companies reduce their environmental impact through our ESG-focused services, we’re proud to say we’re making a difference, one piece of tech at a time.

TechReuse | Charles Brennick | United States

TechReuse provides tools and services to help others start new reuse operations, increase efficiency at existing operations and make all reuse businesses more successful. Our main product is TechSpec, software that helps computer refurbishers increase efficiency by automatically testing computers and capturing hardware specifications.

The Broker Site | Brian G. Altman, Technical Director | The Netherlands

Europe’s leading Computer Trading Exchange since 1999 and organizer of the www.EuropeanBrokerMeeting.com, the leading get-together for the computer trading industry with over 600 traders attending each year!

The Repair Association | Gay Gordon-Byrne | United States

The Repair Association brings businesses big and small from many sectors of the repair industry together to move us all forward. Our goal is to advocate for repair-friendly policies, regulations, statutes, and standards at the national, state, and local levels. The Repair Association enjoy the backing of some of the world’s most powerful activisits. We travel the globe on your behalf, testifying in front of statehouses, standards committees, and media outlets to make sure your business continues to thrive.

Tradeloop | Rohi Sukhia, Founder | United States

For over twenty years, Tradeloop has been the wholesale network of choice for ITADs, Recyclers, Refurbishers, Brokers, and other professional traders. Tradeloop’s mission is to improve reuse and recycling rates for the circular economy including tackling the problems of fraud, counterfeiting, sustainability, e-Waste, data breaches, and participating in legislative efforts to give consumers the right to repair their digital devices.

Unduit | United States

Unduit is a software and services organization that provides asset life cycle management of IT Assets from procurement to end of life of assets for enterprises ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Unduit’s app based cloud platform that uses technologies such as blockchain to drive value for customers.

University of Nevada | Ron Lembke | United States

University of Nevada, “Business is more than you think.” At Nevada’s College of Business, the faculty and staff are what has earned the college its impressive reputation. Experts with years of industry, research and academic experience take pride in preparing the next generation to be leaders and innovators in business.

USODY | Spain

Device inventory management for lifecycle chain of custody. Our solutions help customers collect devices to maximize their life cycle and ensure final recycling. We support local actors and ecosystems to create or regenerate the circular economy of secondary market. At a global level, we are providing decentralized and open-source technologies to democratize the access of collection, repair, reuse and recyling our electronic devices. Right to repair, right to know circularity, close digital divide, sustainability

Value Smart Trading Limited | Lex Jain, Director | Hong Kong

Value Smart Trading Limited was incorporated in 2015. We are traders and manufacturers of electronic goods like CPU, RAM, Hard Drives, Motherboard, Barebone and SSD. Value Smart Trading Limited acts as a bridge between economies and facilitates the trade of shortages and excesses. We have more than 400 customers in more than 50 countries with 20 manufacturing companies who produce our products in Mainland China for our 200+ suppliers worldwide.

WIPERAPP | Marcin Wyrwas, CEO | Poland

WIPERAPP® is a module system designed for irreversible, certified hard disk data wiped out from storage media without the need for physical destruction. The application complies with requirements of FBI, CIA, FMV and ABW, it also follows the newest NIST standard (The National Institute of Standards and Technology). Therefore it can be used not only for personal purposes, but it can also be successfully used in companies and state institutions.

World Data Products, Inc. | Neil Vill | United States

Since 1987, World Data Products has delivered value with IT hardware, maintenance programs, and other IT services including repair and logistics. We provide OEM-quality refurbished server, storage, networking solutions, and computer tape at substantial savings.

XS International, Inc. | Todd A. Bone | United States

XSi helps companies with their IT Lifecycle Services and Support. Services begin with the installation of new technology as well as de-installation, moving, consolidating, onsite disk wiping & destruction, IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) of legacy equipment, including resale or recycling. In addition, XSi provides lower-cost, Third Party Hardware Maintenance for installed models and extends the life of legacy, enterprise-brand servers, storage, network hardware and other devices, including UPS systems and supercomputers.

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